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October 30, 2012
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FullMetal Alchemist; 7 minutes in Heaven (girls and gays only)
story: I through a party and we all-Roy, Alex, Riza, Ed, Al, Envy, Winry, and you- played 7 minutes in Heaven I passed the hat arounf the room. It then finally got to you. "Okay, ___." I say. "Pick an item!" you reach in and pull out......

-  a pair of gloves
-  a cat
-  a fork
-  a sparkle
-  a piece of green paper

a pair of gloves:
Roy Mustang
"GLoves?" you call out as you pulled out a pair of white gloves from the hat. "That would be me." said Colenol Mustang as he stood up, and headed to the closet. You sighed. Oh wonderful. You thought. What a day to wear a tiny mini skirt.... Heaving a sigh, you got up and followed him. "Have fun you two ^^" I tease as I close the door. You then looked around and spotted Roy off in the corner. "Hello, ___" he greated. "Hello" you greated back. He stepped closer, and starred at you. "Hm..." "W-what?" you ask. "Oh nothing." he said. "I was just admiering your TINY MINI SKIRT!" he said smirking. You blushed and tugged it down some. "S-so." you start. "You ever play this game before, sir?" you ask, trying to change the subject. He nodded. "Yes. But, you are the first I have ever found so ravishing, ____. Especially in that tiny mini skirt." he flirted. You blushed more. He stepped closer and looked deep into your eyes. You began to turn a light shade of pinky-red. "May I?" he asked, bending closer to you. Your heart began to race. Oh God. I think I like him!!! You yell in your head. He then genty kissed you on the lips. Your eyes widened in shock. This hard core, 'flame alchemist', was really sweet and gentle, once you got to know him. Well, I guess he IS pretty cute....  You thought, as you began to close your eyes. Just as you did, however, I knocked and opened the door. "Time's up!!!!" I yell. You two broke off the kiss. He left and sat on the couch. You went and sat with him. "U-uhm, C-Colenol Mustang?" you ask. "Call me Roy." he said flashing you a toothy grin. You nod. "Roy?" "Yes?" "W-would you like to go out with me?" you ask, blushing. He smiled and nodded. "Yeah." he said. "I'd like that a lot." YOu smiled. After the party, that is what you two did. You went on a date. THE END.

a cat:
Alphonse Elric (he no in armor)
"What the? WHO THE 'ELL PUT A CAT IN HERE!?" you yell as you pull out a fluffy little kitty. Ed shot Al a look. "Oh that's where ot went." Al said looking up. He wen tover and gently took the cat with you. "Why did you put a cat in the hat?" you ask. "I didn't. I have no idea how it got there. I did bring it though. He was outside and  alone, so I took him and brought him here....." he epxlained. "oh! I know we sorta know each other, but, we've never been properly introduced. I am Alphone Elric. Younger brother of Edward Elric. Feel  free to call me Al." he said. You smiled at his politness. "Hello Al. I'm ____." He smiled at you. He then offered you a hand and helped you up. You then pulled you along to the closet, along the way. he gently dropped the cat onto his brother's head. I closed the door behind you two. You guys sat next to each other on the floor. "You ever play this before, Al?" you ask. He shyly shook his head. You giggled at his shyness. "Don't worry. Neither have I." you say. He smiles at this. He then went over to you, and kissed you lightly. He tried to pull away, feeling embarresed, but, you grabbed him and gently pulled him back into it. You two kissed and ended up making out. He slipped his tongue into your mouth. He gently un-buttoned your blouse, while you un-did his shirt, and slipped it off him. When time was up, I went over and opened the door. "Time's up you....two..." I stopped and starred at you guys. Ed then came over to see what I was looking at. "Woo hoo! Way to go lil bro!" he yelled, proud of his little brother's actions. You two stopped and looked up at us, now blushing, having not noticed us and now feeling embarresed. Al then stood up, and helped you up. You re-buttoned you're blouse, and he and you then sat on the couch, smiling at each other, the rest of the night. THE END. (oh, p.s. he kept his shirt off, btw. ;) )

a fork:
Edward Elric
"Uhm.... Fork?" you say, puzzled, as you pull a fork out of the hat. Edward got up. You looked at him funny. "Why a fork?" you ask. "It was as close to a piece of metal I could get, okay?" he said. He then went into the closet, and waited for you. "Have fun." I tease as I shove you in with him and shut the door. When you got in there, you searched around for Edward, using only the dull light from the lightbulb that was in there. "Edward? Where are-ow." you say as you trip and fall face first onto the floor. "you." you finish as you sit up. "Under you." he relpied. "H-HUH!?" you exclaim. You then notice he's right. You were sitting on his legs. I was wandering why this part of the floor felt different then the rest! You scrammbled off and away from him, "I'm sorry!" you say as you backup into a box, causing another to fall on your head. You could hear Edward chuckling, then laughing at you. "It's not funny." you say, no completly embarresed. This kind of stuff ALWAYS happens when he's around me...... Probably because I like him...... You sigh. Oh well. You then heard rustling and foot steps, and then felt the box being lifted off of you. "You okay, ___?" Ed asked. You looked up at him, blushing and nodded. He sat next to you. "Sorry for laughing." he said. "It's just, I was having a bad week, and needed a good laugh, and you gave it to me." he said smiling. You blushes more. "And I'm sorry for falling onto you." you say. He shrugged. I know I shouldn't, but, I really just wanna- you kissed him. You pulled away, face tomato red. "OMIGOD! I AM SO SORRY!" you say. I know I shouldn't just do that, but....but....." you dropped your head. "sorry." He lifted your  chin up and smiled. He gently brushed his lips over yours. "It's okay. Just don't tell Winry, or else she'll kill me." He said chuckling. You smiled and nodded. He helped you up and just as he did, I opened the door. "Time's up." I say. you two walk out and sit back where you did last time. Winry glarred at Ed. He shook his head no, as if to say, 'No winry. Nothing happened.' But you knew the truth, and giggled at it. You quietly starred at Edward and Winry (mainly Edward) the rest of the game, smiling, happy for the two of them. THE END.

a sparkle-
Alex Armstrong
You put your hand in the hat, and pull out a sparkle "A-a sparkle?" you say nervously as you are pretty sure who you got. Alex Armstrong stood up and walked to you. "That's mine. You get me. Meaning......YOU GET ALL THIS!!!" he yelled ripping his shirt off. You screamed and ran out of the party. "Was it... something I said?" Alex said aloud. Everyone in the room, did a facepalm. THE END.

a piece of green paper-
"Green paper?" you say flagging it around. You hear a sigh and hear someone go into the closet. Who is it? I didn't see. You think. You shrug and walk into the closet anyways. I closed the door, snickering. You look around, but don't see anyone. You sigh and sit down. "Looks like I got ditched. That's probably why Alicia snickered...." you say. "Ditched? No. Not yet, anyways." came a voice. You look around, but don't see anyone. "Up here." You look up and see a figure jump down infront of you. It was Envy. "Envy?! Huh. Explains the green paper...." you say. You look up at him. "Why are you playing?" you ask. He shrugged. "I'm bored. Gluttony and Lust are dead, Pride says he's busy and Father and Greed are boring." he sighed. He leaned in close to you, smirking. you juumped a little. You've always been slightly afraid of Envy and the Humonculus, ever since you found out your parents were killed by one.(Gluttony) "What's the matter? Afraid?" he teased. His voice sent shivers up and down your spine. "n-no." you say. He laughed at you.  He got all up in your face, you looked at him, blinked, smiled, and burst into laughter. "What?" he asked. "H-has anyone ever told y-you, you look like a palm tree? XD" you ask, as you laugh. He stood up and back. "Hmph. Has anyone ever  told you you'r ugly and annoying?" he sneared. You stop laughing and stare at him, hurt. You look down and let a tear drip down your face. "What the?!" he said. He kneeled next to you. "Are you....crying?" he asked. You turn away from him. A ping of guilt went through Envy's body. "Look... I-I didn't mean to make you cry...." he said. You stopped crying and look at him. "Are you... trying to apologise?" you ask. He nodded. You smile softly. "O-okay." you say.  He starred at you. "kiss me." "W-what?!" "Kiss me." he repeated. "Why are you-" "I know how you always kiss Al(your BF in this) and I'm-" "Jealous?" you interfere. You scowled and then nodded. You chuckle. "Wow Envy. You sure do get envious." You teased. While you laughed, he leaned over and kiss you. It was NOT what you expected. It wasn't rough or forcefull. It was gentle and sweet. This surpirsed you. Maybe he's not that bad.... You closed your eyes and began to kiss back. He pushed you up against the wall. The force made you gasp. As you did so, Envy took it upon himself, to shove his tongue in your mouth. At first you weren't happy, then he smiled and rubbed your sides gently, and you no longer cared. Just before your 7 minutes were up, you two broke apart for air. "Promise me you won't tell Al about this?" you ask blushing. He nodded. "Promise." he said. You smile. I open the door and you two storm out as if you didn't do a thing. You sat with Al, but starred at Envy the whole time. He once winked at you.(luckliy Al didn't notce) i can't believe I did that. you think.  It felt so wrong! felt so right.... you smiled and enjoyed the rest of the night with Al, thinking of Envy. THE END.
heres FMA 7 min. in Heaven. :XD: again, I was bored. -.- why not leave a comment on who you get? ;) Oh! and if you dont understand the green paper thing, well, theres a saying, 'GREEN with ENVY', so..... ya. :/
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they were great but i was looking forward to the BFG (Armstrong) one.
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I died laughing at the Alphonse one and Armstrong one XD 
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Lol. Gloves. Do the gloves have transmutation circles? Cuase if yes then I would use them on Mustang...
FullmetalPain Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2014  Student Artist
me: o my gawd....
me:A FORK awww its small just like you ed :3
me: ed calm down.
ed:yeah whatever
me: throws fork at ed
ed:...........girl just stop before you get hurt
me:kay lets go
ed:yeah lets go
me: :3
me: im sorry ed....
ed:so will we talk
me: i dont know lets see what other people think we should do
ed: *gasp* no
me:type what ed and i should do!!!
ed: dont do it!!!
me: please do it dont listen to him hes to short temperd
ed: *slaps my face*
me:...........the fug u just do to me?!?!?!? by the way write in there and i might send a link :3
me:its ok dont pray because  your short your taller than me!(by an inch)
ed: help me isnt 7 minutes over now?
me:nope we need to wait!!!!
ed:dont do what she sa-
me: please write what we should do!!!!
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